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Green Talk with the LoRa Alliance

Green Talk with the LoRa Alliance

Watch our Green Talk with Derek Wallace, VP Marketing at the LoRa Alliance. In this interview, Derek presents the LoRa Alliance's latest initiatives "connecting a smarter planet" and "LoRa for good". He then provides a high-level view of various use cases where LoRa...

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Green Talk with CABA

Green Talk with CABA

Watch our Green Talk with Ron Zimmer, President & CEO of the Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA). In this interview, Ron discusses how smart buildings lower energy use, operating costs, and make business sense. Mr. Zimmer joined CABA in 1997 working...

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Inside Telefonica’ Sustainable Report

Inside Telefonica’ Sustainable Report

Telefonica says it has knocked 20 years off its target to achieve net-zero carbon emissions across its four main markets including Spain and Brazil. In its report on sustainability (2019 Integrated Report), Telefonica provides details of its green initiatives across...

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Green Talk with Sigfox

Green Talk with Sigfox

Watch our Green Talk with Jeremy Prince, President, Sigfox USA. In this interview, Jeremy discusses the role Sigfox plays in LPWAN deployments that support sustainability and make business sense. Specific use cases covered include: Waste Management Smart Agriculture...

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Our mission is to inform, support, and promote the use of green wireless and ICTs to support lower carbon emissions and sustainability. We work with innovators, entrepreneurs, service providers, tech vendors, associations, and NGOs to provide in-depth research, analysis, and news of eco-friendly technologies and use cases.

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